Cats in Wonderland (2022)

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Main Features:

✔️ Original Painting: Oil on Linen Panel

✔️ Dimensions: 11x14 inches

✔️ Artwork signed by Yannis Noelle C.

Especially for all animal lovers. Forgive yourself and others.

I grew up with a pale yellow tabby cat. She had a pair of white, soft hands and yellow-green eyes. She was my first pet and playmate when I was little. 

I remember the day my parents divorced, and my brother left. My mom had to go out to work every day; she didn't come home until late at night. So every day after school, I stayed at home alone in the dark. 

Once, we found a small kitten wandering on the street. We knew that she had no home and would soon be cold and hungry, so we took her home. Little by little, she learned to trust us and came to depend on us for love and warmth. She immediately warmed our hearts and helped fill the void in our lives.

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