Nothing’s gonna change my world. (2022)

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Main Features:

✔️ Original Painting: Oil on Wooden Panel, ready to hang

✔️ Dimensions: 9x12 inches

✔️ Artwork signed by Yannis Noelle C.

Everyone has something irreplaceable in their heart, whether it’s a place, person, or something else… I grew up watching Japanese animation, particularly POKÉMON, which gave me a sense of stability and comfort. I often incorporate elements of the Pokémon universe into my work; the environment depicted in the oil painting is taken from my living environment of New Mexico, where I feel at home. When you’re feeling down and out, when the only thing you can imagine doing is giving up and quitting, remember that no matter how hard life is, there’s always hope. No matter how tiring your social life may seem, there are still people out there who want to be your friend. No matter how unsatisfactory your job is, remember that you’re gaining valuable skills and experience to help you succeed in the future. And don’t forget about your original intentions—they are what brought you here in the first place.

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