The panel was dropped by my fish using superpowers. (2022)

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Main Features:

✔️ Original Painting: Oil on Wooden Panel, ready to hang

✔️ Dimensions: 11x14 inches

✔️ Artwork signed by Yannis Noelle C.

Learn to be honest with yourself, before you expect others to be honest with you. Deception is a common human behavior, not only among individuals but also among couples and within marriages. Some people have adopted lying as a way of life and use it to manipulate others' perceptions of reality. They also lie to avoid problems, make themselves feel better, and create a false image. Once we forgot our true selves, we created a fictional selves to protect us. We hide behind lies and false stories that, little by little, became our identity. This painting was intended to convey the message, "Be faithful to yourself, so you won't be afraid of others cheating. Being true to yourself will help you spot the difference between what's right and what's deceitful.

***The painting is missing a tiny portion at the bottom***, caused by the drawing board falling from the easel to the ground during the creation process. Various repair methods appeared in my mind and I also considered repainting another drawing board, but after thinking of the original intention of the painting, I decided to be true to myself and my connoisseurs—admitting that it was flawed; it may be imperfect in many people's eyes, but art is never perfect and imperfect, so I insisted on finishing, displaying and accepting it for all its flaws.

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