Wherever I go, you bring me home. (2022)

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Main Features:

✔️ Original Painting: Oil on Wooden Panel, ready to hang

✔️ Dimensions: 9x12 inches

✔️ Artwork signed by Yannis Noelle C.

This is a story about a stray dog and a human. If you decide to buy or adopt a pet, you’ll need to make room in your life for that new living creature. How do you view your relationship with animals? Do you consider them part of your family? Or are they more like pets, something less than human? Many people believe that the human world is complicated, and the animal world is rather simple, but I disagree. By choosing to bring a pet into your home, you’ll find that your life will become more structured. For example: you’ll be less inclined to go out at night and have more regular exercise sessions by taking the pet for walks. The same goes for your eating habits and sleeping patterns. You’ll also notice that you are going to spend more time with your pet, as you’ll want to talk and play with it as often as possible. Overall, when you choose to bring a best friend into your home, your life becomes much more enjoyable and fulfilling. With so much materialism in today’s world, it doesn’t take much to feel lonely. But pets are always loyal and caring, listening attentively to your every word, their unconditional love and affection knows no bounds - they’re even willing to sacrifice their own lives for yours. So did you adopt a pet or did a pet adopt you? The stray dog and the human said firmly to each other: “Wherever I go, you can take me home.”


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